Ananda Sakthi Silk house, was launched in Butterworh in January 2001. It aimed to successfully present a ‘Creation’, reflecting the Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary.

Ananda Sakthi invites you to live the customized experience. we have our own team of talented in house designers who are continuously updating on new ideas and styles and special creations are crafted every day to meet the varied requirements of our fashion conscious shoppers. The expertise and the craftsmanship to make your dream design come alive. From illustration to creation, we will work you every step of the way to create the outfit as unique as you are.

Fabric, textures, designs, embroidery, colors, lines and embellishments – everything blends beautifully to create one garment. A garment that epitomizes elegance and symbolizes happiness. If you are what you wear, then Ananda Sakthi is all about making you stylish and elegant, vibrant and effervescent.

SAS store is filled with sarees, salwar kameez, traditional men’s wear, Indian bridal jewelry, materials and other accessories. It’s all you can find in India right at your doorstep. Indian bridal wear for both men and women is hand-picked to suit the exquisite taste of patrons.


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